to communicate

We celebrate brands and products through the stories they have to tell and communicate with your customers, wherever they are.

Our innovative ideas and your inspiring content comes to life in integrated campaigns across multiple channels, from advertising to social events, from publishing to film, from media to paper.

Our creative and strategic work is built on our approach, where we stand in our customers shoes and plunged into their world to find out what drives them and what are their needs.

We believe that great work comes from understanding how customers feel and behave.

March - 2020

  • VEEVA partnership

    To continuously improve its services, AF Atelier has partnered with Veeva, a pioneer in cloud computing solutions.

    We have been delivering solutions for leading pharmaceutical companies for over 10 years and now we provide personalized and creative content for iRep customers.

  • CTT 500 Anos

    In 2020 the CTT - Correios de Portugal, celebrates 500 years, AF Atelier is already preparing the philatelic emissions for the celebrations.

  • Another award for CTT

    The book of Fortunato da Câmara "Viver Portugal com o Mediterrâneo à Mesa" is Gourmand award 2015 (Paris). The book was considered the Best Mediterranean Cuisine Book 2015 in Portugal, and was qualified to compete with other international books (winners in each country) within the same category, but worldwide. The final results are to 28 May 2016. We have the best Authors and World Designers !!!

we do

We built a talented team, full service capable, witch leads and develops projects with passion and responsibility.

We are flexible and sensitive, adapting our approach to the needs of each work and we are always close to the customer, in partnership, creating and developing as a team.

We come from different backgrounds. Some creative, some strategies, other technicians, but all united in one goal: the success of our customers, always exceeding their expectations.


Intervene creatively in promoting your product, using all the means and tools to the divulgation of the message be transmitted.

Whether in print, 3D, multimedia or web are provided with the best skills to do an effective job.


Our work within the Environments and Object Design is the result of a pioneering and distinctive attitude, presenting itself as a strategic tool in an increasingly competitive market.

We have, as a central concern, presenting integrated solutions in design and innovation. You can count on our capacity, from the design, production and logistics.


If you are building or planning to launch a communication campaign and image, you need partners to help you know (recognize) the market where it operates, the target, the buyer, the seller, the media and even ideas.

AF Atelier has a team of consultants at your disposal with recognized competence analysis, diagnostic and real implementation on the ground, allowing you to meet and "part of the solution" to their problems.


Choosing the right solution, the appropriate materials and the correct supplier, requires of us a careful selective rigor and to a constant update.

Our network of partners/suppliers is the market reference in our area. All production entrusted to us are guaranteed a rigorous monitoring at all stages.

Once again we want our answer to be globally "part of the solution."

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